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Students Gain Valuable Research Experience in the Summer Research Programme 2023

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With the tremendous support of mentors, Faculties and Departments, the HKU Summer Research Programme was successfully held on May 29 – August 4, 2023. 

This year, around 100 elite senior year undergraduate and master’s students from around the world were admitted to participate in an intense research training programme covering a series of academic seminars, star lectures and extra-curricular activities. 

Each participant was required to plan and carry out a research project under a one-to-one mentorship by our eminent professors at HKU.  By the end of the Programme, a Poster Presentation was organised for participants to present and showcase the outcomes of their research projects. 

To support outstanding students to continue pursuing research postgraduate studies at HKU, top performers in the Programme were awarded Outstanding Completion Awards, with a conditional offer of the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship.  Excellent presenters at the Poster Presentation were also awarded Best Poster Presenter Awards.

At the Completion Ceremony, Professor Billy K.C. Chow, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, offered encouragement to all participants. “I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, not just between you and HKU, but also between you and the students around you. Do interact with people within your Faculty, and other young, bright talents. Together, you can come up with new ideas that can change the world.” 

The Graduate School would like to congratulate all participants on their successful completion of the Summer Research Programme 2023, and we extend our gratitude to all supporting parties for making this Programme an extraordinary success. We look forward to seeing the students again when they start their research postgraduate journey at HKU!


Students’ sharing

I really enjoyed the transferable skills retreat and the tram party because they provided me a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to chat with people with very diverse backgrounds but who also have a strong interest in research. The programme really gave us a lot of opportunities to explore new areas that we might not previously be familiar with, like presenting in front of a crowd in an open area. I think it is really memorable and helped enrich the overall research experience.
Vinci Ying Jia Cheung
I enjoyed my research experience here. HKU is one of the most prestigious schools around the globe and in my area computer science and artificial intelligence. My teachers are great and they are very thoughtful and considerate. They have taught me a lot and I've also got a chance to meet with many great friends here.
Chengqi Duan
For me the transferrable skills retreat is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of the programme, because it provided a precious opportunity for us to learn how to reduce our stress and to make friends with each other.  I didn’t have a sound background of doing research before, but during this programme I learned to do the literature review and comparison study. I also learned to manage other skills such as communicating with different stakeholders.  I learned how to do research systematically and how to dive in deeper into a research project instead of doing the superficial introduction of the topic. My research skills have improved a lot.
Lena Ziyuan Li 
The 10 weeks of the research programme actually deepened my understanding of HKU and its academic culture, which furthered my determination and drive to pursue RPg study at HKU. I had a dip into what it is like being a researcher. I got a different understanding of what research looks like and achieved something different from what I intended to achieve in the first place, and l learned a lot from this programme.
Shibo Yu



Students participating in the HKU Summer Research Programme 2023.


Professor Dong-Yan Jin, Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School, welcoming participants to the Programme at the Orientation and Opening Ceremony.


Participants getting to know each other at the Orientation and Opening Ceremony.


Students enjoying a great night out at the Tram Party after weeks of hard work.  


Students sharing their research outcomes with the Judging Panel and member of the public.


Students sharing their research outcomes with the Judging Panel and member of the public.


Professor Billy Chow, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, encouraging students at the Completion Ceremony: “Together, you can come up with new ideas that can change the world.”