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Students Enlightened at Writing Boot Camp

To further support research postgraduate (RPg) students through the rigour of their thesis writing process, the Graduate School held the 2023 Writing Boot Camp in June. The participating RPg students from different faculties—who had started writing their theses and sought to improve their writing productivity at this critical stage of their education—engaged in several hours of daily intensive writing during the 3.5-day boot camp. They also gained insights from Dr Elaine Martyn, Dr John Martino, and Dr Wai Lan Tsang, who shared their views on accountability in focused thesis writing, thesis revision/editing, and ways to overcome writer’s block. Another talk was given by Ms Kane Kang from Cambridge University Press on tips for publishing in academic journals.

Intensive writing time and experience sharing during the Boot Camp were much valued by the participating students, one of whom was Kylie Chiu Yee Lui from the Department of Sociology:

The three-day writing boot camp I recently attended, organised by the Graduate School, was an enriching and rewarding experience. The intense, focused environment cultivated a space that allowed me to concentrate singularly on my paper, yielding substantial progress in such a short time.

The instructors provided invaluable insights on academic editing and effective writing. Their expertise offered an entirely new perspective on communication, transforming my approach to crafting my paper. Their advice transcended the realm of academia, proving useful for any written discourse.

I am deeply grateful for their commitment to our growth as scholars. Their wisdom, patience, and encouragement fostered a nurturing learning environment, where I felt safe to explore, question, and grow.

The boot camp was not merely an avenue to finish my paper but also a journey towards honing my writing skills. The experience was a testament to the power of dedicated time, expert guidance, and a supportive community in the university. I eagerly look forward to participating in similar events in the future. This experience has made me realise just how rewarding and enlightening dedicated writing time can be.



The Graduate School organised a 3.5-day Boot Camp to improve students’ writing strategies and productivity.