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Dissertation Year Fellowship Offers Exceptional Opportunities for Outstanding Students

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The Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF) is a prestigious programme, launched by the Graduate School in 2022, to enable outstanding PhD students to pursue an additional fully-funded year of training at the University to bring their doctoral research to a higher level before graduation. The fellowship allows more time for final-year students to work on their research and improve publication, and helps students to find better jobs after graduation. In this issue, four DYF awardees share their rewarding experiences during the additional year of training.  


Ms Xing Cui

Department of Earth Sciences

Through this fellowship, I had the opportunity to attend the EGU General Assembly and present my work to a broader audience. This experience enabled me to gain valuable feedback and insights from experts in my field, refining my research and enhancing my presentation skills. Moreover, I seized the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers, expanding my professional network and learning how to effectively communicate my research to both academics and the general public.





Mr Kaiqi Long

Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy


Thanks to the DYF programme, I was able to finish and improve my doctoral research, as well as get more patents and publications, which helped me in searching for a better postdoctoral position. During this year, everything went smoothly, since I am quite familiar with HKU and our lab here, so the research progress was satisfying. Additionally, I was able to present my findings and attend the 13th International Nanomedicine Conference in Australia with the fellowship's support. It was a valuable experience, as I was able to make connections with other scholars in my field and share ideas and opinions with them.







Ms Li Tang

Faculty of Education


The extra time and resources have allowed me to delve deeper into my research and explore new avenues in my field, which would not have been possible otherwise. Throughout this year, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that have been invaluable to my research.  Moreover, I have also had the opportunity to attend several international conferences, which have broadened my understanding of the latest developments in my area of research.  I am confident that the experiences and skills I have gained during this additional year of training will serve me well as I embark on the next phase of my career. I am deeply grateful for this fellowship and the opportunities it has provided me with, which have been pivotal in shaping my academic and research trajectory.

Mr Xiangsong Wang
Department of Earth Sciences


The additional year of training has provided me with sufficient time to revise my papers and thesis. Three research papers have been modified carefully and submitted to high-level journals this year, owing to the fellowship. Meanwhile, I spent the past year learning novel research methods about non-traditional stable isotopes and their application on geology, which will be useful in my future research. This programme also gave me an excellent opportunity to attend the 6th International Archean Symposium in Western Australia and share both my research achievements and new academic improvements of HKU in the Archean geology field with peers.  I highly appreciate the tremendous support of the Dissertation Year Fellowship from HKU.






Nominations are accepted all year round.  Act now and discuss the work plan with your student/supervisor if you are interested in joining this prestigious programme.  For more information about this generous package, visit the Graduate School website.