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HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme

The HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme (SRP) was successfully held in June to August 2021 by the Graduate School. The programme provided elite students with an 8-week programme (June 21 to August 13) of intense research training together with extracurricular activities.  A total of 37 undergraduate and postgraduate students who were residing in Hong Kong participated in the programme.

Each participant in the SRP was supervised by an HKU professoriate staff member on a one-to-one mentorship basis to plan and carry out an independent research project. They were required to deliver a project plan presentation at the beginning of the programme and a project summary poster presentation in the last week.

Four academic workshops were conducted for the participants to learn about basic knowledge in research practice, research writing, oral presentation, and skills and methods in preparing a research statement for the graduate programme. A two-day Transferable Skills Retreat enhanced both the personal and research effectiveness of the SRP students by offering them an opportunity to develop awareness and skills with significant relevance to their study, career, and whole person development. Students also met their peers from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds in the retreat.

A scholarship of HK$20,000 was awarded to each participant upon successful completion of the SRP. Students who completed the programme with outstanding performance received the Outstanding Completion Awards, with a conditional offer of the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship.  An award presentation ceremony was held to conclude the programme.

HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme

See what our participants say:

I like how interdisciplinary it is. I learned a lot from others during the seminars and the retreat. I think the seminars were really helpful. They consolidated the crucial skills I need as a researcher or as a student.


I am highly satisfied with the mentorship I received. My mentor and his lab were highly supportive.


I made a lot of new friends and it was on the whole a very enlightening experience. I really enjoyed talking to my peers. As we were all from different disciplines, it's great to see things from alternative perspectives.


HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme