HKU-BICI Entrepreneurship Joint Educational Placement Programme for PhD



The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) have launched the HKU-BICI Entrepreneurship Joint Educational Placement Programme for PhD in 2023/24 to nurture future talents in innovation and technology.  Apart from the traditional PhD training, students admitted under this programme will be engaged in practical entrepreneurship training on real-world projects to equip students in developing their global perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking, research commercialisation, and professional knowledge and expertise.  

The programme is open for application all year round.

Distinctive Features

Students admitted to this full-time programme will receive:

  • Joint supervision from HKU and BICI
  • Practical entrepreneurship training
  • Financial support throughout the four years of study
  • Full access to the academic and research facilities in HKU and BICI


Key Research Areas

  • Optoelectronics
  • Materials
  • Environment Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Intelligent Manufacturing


Admission Requirements

Applicants shall meet the minimum admission requirements of both HKU and BICI. Prospective students will be assessed through a joint selection process and shall be recruited jointly by HKU and BICI. Please click here for admission requirements of HKU; and here for admission requirements of BICI.


The normal duration of the joint educational placement for PhD programme is 4 years. Students are required to register as a full-time 4-year PhD student at HKU and to meet the HKU’s minimum residency requirement.   Admitted students are expected to spend 2 years at HKU (1st-18th months and 43rd-48th months), and 2 years at BICI (19th-42nd months).  

Mode of Study

Students in the programme will follow the Regulations and Procedures of the PhD programme at HKU including coursework requirement, progress monitoring, etc, and take innovation and entrepreneurship courses and carry out practical project-based training at BICI’s research centres in Beijing or Guangzhou.  The actual arrangements will be subject to prior consent between the supervisors of HKU and BICI.

Award of Degree

Students who meet the degree requirements of HKU will be conferred a single Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree by HKU, and be awarded a certificate by BICI in fulfilling its relevant requirements. The joint education nature of the award will be indicated on the HKU transcripts and BICI certificates issued to the students. 

Tuition Fee 

Students are required to pay the composition and other fees as required by HKU during the entire programme.  Please click here for further information. 

Financial Support

Admitted students will receive scholarships for up to four years provided by BICI. During the student’s study period in HKU in Hong Kong, students will receive scholarships in accordance with the standard HKU Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) rate (HK$18,390 per month for 2023/24). During the residency at BICI or BICI’s designated project locations, the scholarships will be granted by BICI in accordance with its regulation and policies (up to RMB 20,000 per month).


Applications are accepted all year round and considered in batches.  

Interested applicants should contact the proposed supervisor at HKU and obtain his/her consent in advance before submitting an online application.   A list of potential co-supervisors from BICI can be found on its website. In the online application form, please specify that you would like to be considered for the “HKU-BICI Entrepreneurship Joint Educational Placement Programme for PhD” under ”Section 1: Programme Apply For”.  

Applicants should also complete an additional Application Form in simplified Chinese and a Study Plan in consultation with their intended supervisors. These two documents can be submitted during or after the online application.  The reviewers will consider your application based on the documents submitted.

Competition is keen, only a small number of high-calibre students will be accepted in each academic year.  Please refer to the suggested timeline below and submit your application as early as possible. Applications will only be considered if there are vacancies left in the later rounds.

Round Application Deadline Target Date to Release Results
Main Round  1 December 2023 April 2023
1st Clearing Round 30 April  2024 June 2024
2nd Clearing Round 31 August 2024 October 2024




HKU Collaborative Innovation Center (HKUCIC)
Ms. Celia Ying: cyying@hku.hk

Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) 
Ms. Claire He: icollege@jingjinji.cn

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