Coursework Requirements for 3-year PhD Students

Students registered for the 3-year PhD programme are required to complete the two research conduct modules offered by the Graduate School. Students who have had equivalent training may apply for course exemption.

Researcher Development Training (2 modules) 

Compulsory Modules Course
Module 4
Responsible Conduct of Research (3 hours)
  • GRSC6101 Responsible Conduct of Research
Module 5
Stream-based Responsible Conduct of Research  (3 hours)
  • GRSC6102 Stream-based Responsible Conduct of Research


3-year PhD students who register in or after September 2021 are also encouraged to attend Module 1: GRSC6100 Doing Research@HKU (2 hours). The module acquaints new RPg students with the mission of HKU postgraduate education and provides them with a broad overview of the basics of conducting research at HKU.

Some Faculties/Schools/Departments may also require 3-year PhD students to complete courses as part of the degree requirement. Students should consult their home Faculty/School/Department direct for details.

3-year PhD students may also discuss with their supervisor(s) and take courses offered to 4-year PhD and MPhil students that are relevant to their studies. Upon enrolment, the assessment result, whether pass or fail, will be recorded on the transcript.