Financial Support and Awards
Financial Support and Awards

Financial Support and Awards

Awards/Prizes and Scholarships

Apart from the entrance scholarships, the University administers a number of awards/prizes and scholarships to research postgraduate students to recognize their achievements in various aspects, such as the Innovation Award, Publication Award, Dissertation Year Fellowship, Li Ka Shing Prizes and Award of Outstanding Research Postgraduate Students, etc.

Travel Support and Fellowships

There are also funding to support conference and study trips, and fellowship opportunities. The support provides opportunities for students to spend part of their research time overseas for study, research, training, field trips, conference, and establish research collaboration.

Tuition Waiver Scheme for Local Students

The University Grants Committee (UGC) has announced a ‘Tuition Waiver Scheme’ for all local students enrolled in full-time UGC-funded Research Postgraduate (RPg) programmes in local institutions, to cover their composition fees with effect from the academic year 2018/19 (i.e. from July 1, 2018).

This Scheme provides non-means-tested funding to all current and new local students from all disciplines of study enrolled in full-time UGC-funded RPg programmes. Eligible students do not need to apply for the Scheme.

For more information, please refer to the UGC website.

Targeted Scholarship Scheme - Belt and Road Scholarship (Research Postgraduate)

Starting from the academic year 2019/20, the Belt and Road Scholarship (Research Postgraduate) of the Targeted Scholarship Scheme (TSS) under the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund (GSF) is offered to outstanding first-year non-local students from all Belt and Road (B&R) countries, who are enrolled in full-time publicly-funded research postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong.  The scholarships will cover full tuition fees of the students, tenable for the normative period of study, and can be renewed annually subject to satisfactory academic performance. 

The selection criteria of awardees will include (i) student’s academic performance, (ii) contribution to the institution/society, (iii) leadership and communication skills, and (iv) interest in integrating into and contributing to the Hong Kong community.  The awardees of TSS will not be eligible to receive other government scholarships under GSF, except for Talent Development Scholarship, Reaching Out Award or Endeavour Merit.  Eligible PhD/MPhil students would be invited by the Faculty to apply for the scholarship.

For the list of Belt and Road countries, please visit the Belt and Road Portal.

Bursaries and Interest-free Loans

Supplementing Government financial assistance schemes, there are a number of bursaries and interest-free loans managed by the University to assist students with financial hardship. These awards, donated by private organisations and individuals, are allocated to full-time local students on the basis of their financial needs.

For details, please refer to the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) homepage.