Student Organising Committee

The Student Organising Committee is established with the aim to bring a student perspective to the HKU Research Postgraduate Symposium 2024. The Committee, comprising research postgraduate students from all ten Faculties, works together with the Graduate School in planning and arranging the Symposium. 

Student Organising Committee
Top row (from left to right): Mr. Jiajun CHEN, Miss Lulu CHEN, Ms. Yihui CAO, Miss Siwei ZHANG, Miss Carmen Hoi Kwan YAM
Bottom row (from left to right): Mr. Pemananda Thero REV UNAPANE, Ms. Victoria Elizabeth AMARAL, Ms. Zhixuan LI, Miss Ya XIAO, Mr. Ho Wan CHAN

Mr. Ho Wan CHAN, PhD, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Vice Chairperson:
Ms. Zhixuan LI, PhD, School of Humanities (Philosophy)

Miss Ya XIAO, PhD, Faculty of Education

Committee Members:
Ms. Victoria Elizabeth AMARAL, PhD, School of Biological Sciences
Ms. Yihui CAO, PhD, Department of Chemistry
Mr. Jiajun CHEN, PhD, Department of Civil Engineering
Miss Lulu CHEN, PhD, Faculty of Business and Economics
Miss Mengyu HUANG, PhD, Faculty of Dentistry
Ms. Shiqi PENG, PhD, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Mr. Pemananda Thero REV UNAPANE, PhD, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Miss Carmen Hoi Kwan YAM, PhD, Faculty of Law
Miss Siwei ZHANG, PhD, Department of Urban Planning and Design

Professor Dong-Yan JIN, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School
Professor Billy K.C. CHOW, Associate Dean, Graduate School