HKU Summer Research Programme – Welcome!

May 29, 2023

To:    HKU Summer Research Programme (SRP) 2023 Participants
cc:    SRP 2023 Mentors
         SRP 2023 Working Group Members
         Faculty RPg Administrators
         Associate Deans, Graduate School

Dear all,

Welcome to the HKU Summer Research Programme 2023 (SRP23)! Today marks the official start of the Summer Research Programme!  We hope that you have already reached out to your mentors to introduce yourselves and start working on your research projects. 

We would like to bring to your attention to following issues:

1)  Means of Communications

To facilitate real-time communication, we will create a broadcast group on WhatsApp Messenger to release latest updates and reminders. Please kindly download Whatsapp Messenger on your mobile phone by May 31 (Wednesday), using the phone number that you registered in the HKU Summer Research Programme previously.  

2)  Dress Code

We do not have a specific dress code for the Programme. Participants are allowed to wear casual wears to attend most of the workshops and seminars. However, please note that we do have some formal events during the Programme. Thus, we advise you to prepare at least 1 set of smart casual attire for such occasions. 

3)  Social and Networking Events
To provide our participants with a most fruitful summer research journey, SRP participants can join the Tram Party and seafood dinner at Lamma Island free of charge. We will send you all a separate email next week on this matter, stay tuned! 

Apart from the above networking events exclusive to our SRP participants, you may also join the social and cultural activities organized by the HKU Summer Institute (HKSI) (see Note below) if you wish to meet more friends! You will receive an email from the HKU Summer Institute on or before May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) on account activation for registering the activities HKSI is offering to SRP participants. Please refer to the upcoming email for the step-by step activation instructions. If you have any questions regarding registration of the HKSI activities, please contact

(Note: Registration to social and cultural activities organized by the HKSI are on a self-pay and first-come-first-served basis. You are only allowed to register to their social and networking events via HKSI’s registration system. Although there are other functions available, please note that you are NOT ALLOWED to register for any functions other than social and cultural activities in the system. No refund will be arranged for misapplication and we hold the authority to refrain you from registering for future events.) 

4)  University Accommodation
For students who have booked their accommodation via the Graduate School, you will be staying at Shun Hing College of Jockey Club Student Village III (9 Lung Wah Street, Hong Kong). You will know the exact floor and room that you will be staying at when you collect your room key at the Graduate School office. 

Floors at Shun Hing College are arranged on a single gender basis. Communal bathrooms and toilets, Network point, WIFI, hot and cold water will be available. Each person will be provided with a bed, a pillow, 1 bedsheet, 1 blanket, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe. Air conditioning and linen will be provided but you have to prepare your towels and toiletries for personal hygiene reason.

The earliest time you can access to your room is at 3:00 pm on the arrival date and the check-out time is by 10:00am on your departure date. 

Please be reminded that you MUST complete your check-in process at the Graduate School Office during our office hour

Room P403, Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong  

Monday to Friday: 9am-12:30pm; 2pm-5:30pm 
Saturday, Sunday, University and Public Holiday: closed 

You may refer to the SRP Participant Page for the step-by-step guide to our office. 

5)  Information Needed for Financial Reimbursement 
For participants who have successfully completed the Summer Research Programme with satisfactory performance, they will receive a scholarship and financial support for round-trip travel to Hong Kong from the country/city where the participant is residing in and university accommodation (on a reimbursement basis). Students residing or currently studying in Hong Kong are only eligible to receive the scholarship and the financial support for university accommodation.

Please note that scholarship and financial support will be released via bank transfer. Participants owning a non-local bank account must provide the payee bank details for telegraphic transfer as follows:
i)   Bank Account Holder Full Name
ii)  Beneficiary Postal Address
iii) Bank Name
iv) Bank Account Number
v)  Bank Address
vi) SWIFT Code

For participants who have a local bank account, please prepare the bank name and account no. for autopay/ local bank transfer.

Please have the information at hand, and we will collect the relevant information in due course. 

6)  Emergency Contacts
If an unexpected event occurs and you require immediate assistance in Hong Kong, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Miss Michelle Chung
Office: 25788616 I Mobile: 65965055 I Email: 
Miss Hilda Hui
Office: 25597606 I Mobile: 61410310 I Email: 
Miss Janice Yip
Office: 25159420 I Mobile: 67392383 I Email: 

Wish you all a fruitful and memorable research journey ahead and we are looking forward to seeing you in HKU!

Hilda Hui
HKU Graduate School