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The University Libraries is a central facility for research and knowledge discovery, and since its establishment in 1912, has been committed to providing the information infrastructure to support the research needs of the University community. Postgraduates are encouraged to take advantage of the library facilities and services available to make the research process an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

The Libraries facility comprises the Main Library and six specialist branch libraries. They provide access to a collection, in print and electronic formats, honed for the research needs of the University community. The Libraries' strong and comprehensive collections contain rare books, cover a total stock of 3.08* million bound volumes, a substantial holding of audio-visual items and a rich and rapidly expanding collection of e-resources, including 189,834* e-journal subscriptions, 4.96* million e-books and 1,031* e-databases. Apart from receiving copies of books and periodicals printed in Hong Kong under the provisions of the Books Registration Ordinance, the Libraries has also been designated as an official depository for the publications of a number of international organisations, namely the Asian Development Bank, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

Housed in the new and old wings of the Main Library Building, the Main Library contains over 1,425,670* bound volumes of Western-language materials, mostly on open access and classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification, and is particularly strong in its collection on China and the Far East. Many unique and valuable items are placed in its Rare Book Room and the Hung On-To Memorial Library, the latter of which comprises a comprehensive collection of materials on Hong Kong. Also housed in the Main Library Building (Old Wing) is the Fung Ping Shan Library. It is the oldest of the six branch libraries and has a focus in Oriental-language materials, principally Chinese. Its collection amounts to over 1,127,282* bound volumes, including many rare items and a wide range of journals from China. Japanese and Korean materials are also collected.

The specialist libraries for Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Education and Music are located adjacent to the teaching departments which they support. The Yu Chun Keung Medical Library is located in the Faculty of Medicine Building, Sassoon Road, and has a stock of over 229,872* volumes with extensive collections on biomedical and health sciences. The Dental Library is located at the Prince Philip Dental Hospital in Sai Ying Pun. It comprises a stock of over 56,961* items, and is particularly strong in its holdings on dentistry. The Lui Che Woo Law Library is housed on the first and second floors of the Cheng Yu Tung Tower and has a total stock of about 143,817* volumes, with emphasis on Commonwealth law materials and the PRC and Southeast Asian jurisdictions. The Education Library is located on the eighth floor of the Meng Wah Complex and has a stock of over 66,657* volumes, with vast collections on teaching support and curriculum materials. Due to space restrictions, books and journals on education theory are housed in the Main Library. The Music Library on the eleventh floor of the Run Run Shaw Tower has a stock of over 38,596* volumes including facsimile manuscripts, scores, books and multimedia items in Western classical music, East Asian Music, and world music.

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*as at November, 2017