Overview of Online Application


The successful submission of an application online consists of the following stages:

  1. Account Creation

  2. Completion of the Online Application Form

  3. Payment of the Application Fee

  4. Uploading of Supporting Documents


I. Account Creation

1. Please register for an account when you use the online application system for the first time. You should provide your full name and a valid email address when you register, and check the box indicating that you agree to the  Personal Information Collection Statement.

2. You may then login to the online application system using the username you have created.

II. Completion of the Online Application Form 

1. The online application form is divided into the following sections:

  • Degree & Candidature
  • Personal Information
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Professional Qualifications & Working Experience
  • English Language Proficiency Tests / GMAT / GRE
  • Academic Referees
  • HKPF Application Form and Additional Relevant Information (HKPF applicants are required to complete an additional application form in the section)

2. When filling in the online application form, you do not have to follow the order above. You can go to any section of the form freely by clicking on the orange menu bar.To facilitate data linkage and save data input effort, HKPF applicants, however, should first complete all other sections before going to the tab ‘HKPF Application Form & Additional Info’ to fill in the specific information required by the Scheme. 


3. If you click the "Help" link next to certain fields in the online application form, you will find detailed information to help you complete that particular part of the form.


4. If you apply for HKPF, please complete all the sections, where applicable, in Part II under the tab ‘HKPF Application Form & Additional Info’ to provide the specific information required by the Scheme l’. 


5. After you have completed a section, you can click 'Save & Continue' to save the data inputted and proceed to the next section. Please note that you will be logged out automatically if the system is idle for 20 minutes and all data unsaved will be lost.

Save & Continue

6. The system will then check whether all the required fields have been filled in and whether the data inputted is valid. If not, the system will pop up a warning message and the section will not be saved.

7. By clicking on the "Preview" link on top of the screen, you will be able to view the entire application form with all the information you have saved.


8. You do not have to complete all sections in one go. You may log out anytime and go back to the system later by logging in with your username and password. However, you must first make sure you have saved any data inputted.

Log out


III. Payment of the Application Fee

1. Your application will be submitted to the Graduate School after you pay the non-refundable application fee. 

2. You will not be able to view/change your application details online after you have paid the application fee and submitted your application. You should therefore check that all the data you have provided is accurate and complete, and keep a record of your application information before proceeding to the payment section.

3. Please fill in the number and expiry date of your credit card. 



4. After the payment is authorised, you will be provided an application number and you can then start to upload the supporting documents. 

5. If you settle the payment by bank draft (for non-local applicants) or ATM machine (for local applicants), please send the bank draft or original pay-in-slip to the Graduate School as soon as possible and within 4 weeks. An acknowledgement email with your application number will be sent to you upon receipt of payment or original payment proof. You can start to upload the supporting documents by then.

IV. Uploading of Supporting Documents

1. After settling the application fee, you can upload your supporting documents: 

  • Certificate(s) & Transcript(s)
  • Research Proposal/Statement of Research Interest
  • Others

2. You can submit the documents anytime after settling the application fee payment. After choosing the relevant document type, you can upload the information. The uploading function is best operated with Internet Explorer 6.0. The files should be in PDF or JPEG format. A maximum total file size of 50 MB file size is allowed for each application and each file should not exceed 1.5 MB in size.


3. After you have uploaded all supporting documents, you can click "close" to exit from the system. Please note that if the system is idle for 20 minutes, the session will be expired and all documents not successfully uploaded will be lost. You will be required to login again.