HKU Educational Aims and Learning Outcomes for MPhil & PhD

HKU Educational Aims (EAs) and Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for MPhil & PhD
Benchmarked against the highest international standards, the RPG curricula at HKU are designed to enable students to develop their capabilities to:
Engage in critical intellectual enquiry
  • Critically evaluate information and ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Integrate knowledge at the forefront of a particular field
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of research methodologies and techniques at an advanced level
  • Develop, design and implement research projects competently and independently
Conduct innovative, high-impact and leading edge research
  • Engage in original research that takes a new technological, methodological, or theoretical approach
Provide novel solutions to complex problems
  • Identify and define emerging problems
  • ​Offer innovative and original solutions to problems and issues in novel situations
Demonstrate adherence to personal and professional ethics
  • Maintain the highest standards of personal and academic integrity
  • Understand complex ethical and professional issues
Demonstrate leadership and advocacy skills
  • Articulate analyses and propose solutions in response to social issues
  • Communicate and disseminate research findings effectively in the academic community and to stakeholders in society
Work with others and make constructive contributions
  • Engage in intellectual exchange with researchers from other disciplines to address important research issues
  • Collaborate effectively with researchers from different cultures
Monitor, review and reflect on one’s own work and competencies, and change and adapt in the light of new demands
  • Evaluate contribution of one’s own work to the field
  • Demonstrate flexibility to accommodate new knowledge and perspectives
HKU Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for MPhil & PhD
On completion of the programme, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate critical understanding, at an advanced level, of up-to-date knowledge and research methodology of a particular field
  • Implement effective academic and personal strategies for carrying out research projects independently and ethically
  • Contribute original knowledge in response to issues in their specialist area
  • Communicate research findings at a diverse range of levels and through a variety of media
  • Evaluate one’s own research in relation to important and latest issues in the field