31-Jan-2020 - Arrangements for RPg Students during Class Suspension and Self-Quarantine Period

To: RPg Students

Cc: Supervisors of RPg Students

Dear Students,

As per the President’s email of January 25, classes at the University will be suspended until February 17. Non-local students who are in Hong Kong are advised to stay in Hong Kong during the class suspension period, and those who are not in Hong Kong at present should consider not returning to Hong Kong at this point in time. In addition, the University requests students who are returning to Hong Kong from anywhere in Mainland China (not only Hubei Province) to fill out an e-health screening form, and to self-quarantine themselves by staying at, and working from, home for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong and before coming back to the campus.

Please note that Graduate School courses will be conducted online, and the course teachers will communicate with the students concerned. 

A flexible approach in handling leave applications of RPg students will be adopted during the class suspension period and self-quarantine period.  If you can continue with your studies through electronic means of communications with your Supervisors while you are away from campus, you do not have to apply for leave. However, if you prefer to take a break and suspend your studies, you are advised to take non-study leave.  Please discuss your study plan with your supervisor.

To follow the special work arrangements as announced by the Task Force on Infectious Diseases, please note that the Graduate School office will be closed until February 2. If you have any queries, please contact us through email.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best wishes,

Professor Frederick K.S. Leung


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