6-Feb-2020 - Whereabouts of RPg Students

To: Supervisors of RPg Students

Dear colleagues,

I wrote to all RPg students on January 31, 2020 about the arrangements during class suspension and self-quarantine period. The email was copied to all supervisors as well. 

I hope you are in close contact with your RPg students, and have discussed and made special arrangements with them regarding their research studies. The Graduate School would like to collect some information about the whereabouts of all RPg students, so that we know if the existing precaution measures are sufficient and effective, and anything we need to do further. We will soon collect from you, through Faculties, the following information:

(a)      For each of your RPg students, whether they are in HK or not.

(b)      For students who are in HK and who have been to Mainland China in the past three weeks, please further provide the following information:

            (i)       The period and city/province in Mainland China that they stayed in

            (ii)      The date they returned to HK

            (iii)    Whether or not they did/are doing 14-day self-quarantine upon their arrival in HK.

            Please instruct your students NOT to return to campus or the labs until after the 14 days of self-quarantine period.

(c)      For students who are not in HK, please specify the countries/regions (city/province) they are in, and when they plan to come back to HK.  Does the research of these students require them to stay physically in HK?  If it is feasible for them to continue with their research studies for some time without their physical presence on campus, please advise them not to come back at the moment and liaise with you about which is the best time for them to return to Hong Kong. 

Thank you very much for your help. Let’s work together to ensure the safety and health of our students and the HKU community as a whole. 


Professor Frederick K.S. Leung


Graduate School