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June 21 - August 13, 2021
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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is launching the HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme (“the Programme”). It is a research programme to provide elite students with 8 weeks of intense research training together with extra-curriculum activities. Outstanding students who are interested in pursuing research career are encouraged to apply. A limited number (around 90) of applicants who meet the eligibility and selection criteria will be shortlisted for an interview. We will admit up to 30 applicants to participate in the Programme in 2021.

1.  Benefit for participants

  • 1 to 1 mentorship with an eminent professor
    Successful applicants will be supervised by an eminent professor in HKU to plan and carry out a research project. The Programme office will help participants match with mentors based on participants’ given priorities.

  • Scholarship of HK$20,000 for each participant
    A scholarship of HK$20,000 will be awarded to each participant of the Programme upon successful completion of the Programme in the Programme Completion Ceremony.

  • Conditional Offer of the HKU Presidential PhD Scholar Programme (HKU-PS)
    A conditional offer of HKU-PS will be given to participants who have completed the Programme with outstanding performance. The HKU-PS programme is a prestigious scholarship programme for talents from around the world to pursue full-time PhD studies at HKU. It offers the most prestigious scholarship package up to HK$414,000 (US$53,000) in the first year, and up to HK$394,000 (US$50,000) in each of the subsequent years during the normative study period. Please refer 
    here for the programme details of HKU-PS.

  • Option for on-campus accomodation
    The 8-week programme will be conducted in three sessions, a 1-week online session in the beginning for research planning, a 6-week on-campus session for high intensity research, followed by a 1-week online session in the end. Please refer to the timeline in section 4 for the detailed arrangements. During the 6-week on-campus research and training in the 2nd session, participants will have an option to stay in a HKU student residential hall at their own expenses. The hall charges for last year 2020 can be referred
     here.  Hall charges for this year 2021 will be emailed to admitted applicants once finalized.

2.  Selection of participants

  • Eligibility
    Undergraduate student in year 3 and year 4 with CGPA 3.6 or above (or equivalent); or students in master’s degree programme with a Bachelor’s degree in 1st Class Honours (or equivalent).1

    Students who will be residing in Hong Kong during the period of the Programme.

  • Selection Criteria
    - Outstanding academic performance
    - Strong interest in research career
    - Previous research experience
    - Interest in interdisciplinary studies
    - High English proficiency
    - Mature and independent

3. Online Application

  • Online application link: Please click here

  • ​Required information
    - Basic introduction: name, contact information,etc.

    - Academic standing
             > GPA, class ranking, etc.
             > Official Transcript in English

    - English proficiency 

    Research experience
             > You may describe up to 3 research experiences you have had

    - Curriculum Vitae

    - Two-part Essay
       Part 1: Personal Statement (300-500 words)
       Write an essay describing:
             > Your reason for applying to the HKU Summer Research Programme.
                What do you hope to gain from this experience?
             > Your short & long-term career goals
             > The HKU Programmes that interest you

        Part 2: Summer Research Interest (100-200 words)
        Please browse HKU research topics on HKU department webpages. Write an essay describing:
              > General research topics that interest you
              > Areas you would like to focus on this summer
              > Please note: DO NOT name a specific faculty member in the essay, as this essay will be forwarded to different
                 professors for mentor matching if and when you are admitted into the Programme

  • Application Fee
    There will be a non-refundable application fee of HK$150.

  • Timeline

16 April
Deadline for online application
Mid May
Online interviews for selected applicants
End May
Notification of admission
Mid June
Mentors matching
21 June - 13 August
HKU 2021 Summer Research Programme

Week 1
- Coordination with mentor to prepare the research topic and research plan via online communications

Week 2
- Orientation, department check-in, lab safety trainings (if any)
- Individual research work with the guidance from the mentor
- Peer Seminars: project plan presentations
- Student residential hall check-in (if applicable)

Week 3-6
- Individual research work with the guidance from the mentor
- Research training seminars and experiential learning workshops
- Teambuilding activities

Week 7
- Individual research work with the guidance from the mentor
- Peer Seminars: project summary presentations
- Student residential hall check-out (if applicable)

Week 8
- Completing the project summary report for online submission
- Programme completion ceremony

1 For applicants majoring in the following fields, students in master's degree programme are preferred:
   - Arts
   - Education (except for Speech and Hearing Sciences)
   - Social Sciences (except for Psychology)