Current Students

Thesis Examination Procedure



Thesis submission <---
Submit "Notice of Intent to Submit a Thesis" to the DRPC 
(at least 3 months before the expected date of thesis submission)
Invite Supervisor to sign the 
"Thesis Submission Form"
DRPC submits nomination of examiners to the Faculty Office
Submit thesis to the Faculty Office

(Students registered in September 2017
and thereafter shall also submit a dataset
of their research, if applicable)
Faculty Board approves the nomination of examiners and forms the Thesis Examining Committee (TEC)
Faculty Office sends thesis to examiners and sets a notional date for oral examination
Examiners return the examiner's reports to the Faculty Office within 6 weeks
TEC considers examiner's reports
Faculty Office/Department arranges oral exam 
(oral exam may be waived for MPhil students in the 1st submission)
TEC makes recommendation on exam result
↓ to re-submit and
re-exam thesis
  ↓ satisfactory exam result or fails
without option of resubmission
Faculty Office informs student directly

Faculty BoE endorses exam result

Faculty Office submits the result to the Graduate School for approval
Graduate School approves the exam result & informs Faculty Office
Faculty Office informs the student of exam result and, where appropriate, requests him/her to make revisions to the satisfaction of an appointed person within a period of time
Student submits the revised thesis to the appointed person
The appointed person confirms that no further amendments are required and informs the Faculty Office. 
Student submits the final thesis in hard copy to the Faculty Office, and the e-thesis to the University Libraries.
Faculty Office writes to the Graduate School
Graduate School issues a letter confirming the student has completed all degree requirements and informs the Registry

March 2021