Current Students

Graduate Student Academic Writing Support


This service aims to assist individual research postgraduate students who need help with their academic writing in English.



In the session, the consultant will help the student to improve her/his own capacity to plan, write, edit and revise academic papers. The consultant will not edit or proofread student’s work but will help identify and address writing problems, and raise awareness of language difficulties.



The student is required to submit a piece of writing, not more than 15 pages in length, two calendar weeks before a consultation. The consultant will meet with the student to discuss the writing and give feedback during the consultation.

Students are advised to take advantage of this service as early in their graduate studies as possible so that they then have a reasonable amount of time between the consultations and their graduation to make the necessary improvements. Maximum benefit will be gained from this consultation service by students who have previously taken Introduction to Thesis Writing (The Humanities & Related Disciplines) or Introduction to Thesis Writing (The Sciences & Related Disciplines).



By the end of the consultation, the student will be aware of his/her areas of weaknesses in academic writing and how to make improvements. The student will be more confident and competent in meeting the demands of graduate level academic writing.