Faculty Higher Degrees Committee

Terms of Reference



To advise the Board of the Faculty on matters relating to higher coursework and research degrees (except DSc, DLitt, LLD and DSocSc), and such postgraduate diplomas and certificates as the Senate may determine from time to time, where appropriate*, including:



the admission of candidates#;



appointing examiners for any qualifying examination required to be taken by any candidates for admission;



appointing supervisors for MPhil and PhD candidates#;



considering applications for concurrent registration;



considering the coursework curricula and syllabuses of Faculty/departmental courses for MPhil and PhD candidates and subsequent amendments thereto;



considering applications for course exemption;



confirming or terminating MPhil and PhD candidatures;



considering MPhil and PhD candidates' applications for extending their period of registration beyond the specified period#;



approving transfer of candidature between MPhil and PhD, and of mode of study between full-time and part-time;



approving waiver of the 3 -month notification period for serving written notice to the Chairman of the Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee of a candidate's intention to submit the thesis for examination;



appointing internal, external and additional examiners, where appropriate, and other members of Boards of Examiners or Thesis Examining Committees, where this applies in the Degree Regulations.


To approve leave of absence for a period exceeding one month for MPhil and PhD candidates in accordance with the relevant Degree Regulations and Procedures.


To consider the coursework examination results of Faculty/departmental courses for MPhil and PhD candidates.


To determine the consequences of students failing or having been absent from coursework examinations of Faculty/departmental courses for MPhil and PhD candidates, and, where appropriate, to recommend, via the Faculty Review Committee on Student Performance and Discontinuation and the Board of the Faculty, to the Committee on Discontinuation the discontinuation of MPhil and PhD candidatures.


To recommend to the Graduate School the allocation and award of Postgraduate Scholarships in accordance with the regulations and procedures laid down from time to time.


To assess the academic progress and the performance in training duties of Postgraduate Scholarship holders, and to impose appropriate sanctions where reports on Scholarship holders indicate unsatisfactory academic progress and/or performance in training duties.


To  undertake any duties as authorized by the Board of Faculty which are relevant to higher degree programmes in the Faculty


To be decided by the Board of Faculty concerned.


1.              The powers listed above are supplemented by the powers given to the Committee under the Procedures for the Degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.

2.              * The following Postgraduate Certificate is so included: 

3.              #In the case of candidates admitted to the University in or after September 1999, the Committee is to make the relevant recommendations to the Board of Graduate Studies.